Meet Jeppe – Digital & Marketing (Denmark)

My expertise is dedicated to crafting websites with the best possible customer journey and overall experience.

Jeppe Åhman Olsen

Product Owner
Workplace: JABS Group (Digital & Marketing), Denmark
Seniority: 1.5 years

What do you do at JABS Group?

My main role at JABS Group is to plan and orchestrate website development. My expertise is dedicated to crafting websites with the best possible customer journey and overall experience. I invest a lot of time and focus on adding value to all upcoming projects and cases.

My day-to-day work is usually divided equally between collaborating with colleagues at JABS and working with our developers. The outcome of working with my colleagues often includes new features, projects or adjustments to our websites. These outcomes are then further broken down into cases involving me, stakeholders and developers. Working as a link between JABS Group and the developers ensures a high-quality end product that aligns with customer and market needs. All of these cases add up to quite a big amount of potentially great end products or features. This makes prioritization and planning two of my biggest responsibilities as a Product Owner at JABS Group. I assess and prioritize cases by evaluating the potential customer value created and the time required to implement them on our websites.

One of the benefits of being a Product Owner at JABS Group is the presence of our many experts who actively work with our customers every day. This leads to new findings and reports from colleagues regarding customer challenges, input and ideas. These findings are often based on customer interactions, which provide valuable and relevant feedback. This means that our projects are driven by customer input and feedback. This feedback offers me perspectives from both our customers and my colleagues, leaving me with a great opportunity to build the most valuable products and solutions for our customers.

What is it like working at JABS Group?

JABS Group is a workplace that invests a lot of effort and time in its core values and employees, which means a great deal to me. It is an environment that allows every individual to be themselves while also developing, growing and gaining expertise within their own areas of specialization.

My role at JABS is still quite “new” within the company. Not in terms of my time here, but in terms of the role still being developed and adjusted to fit my needs. I believe the development of my role has opened doors to new learning opportunities, responsibilities and career growth.

Our more than 800 employees are spread across corporate HQ in Denmark and our manufacturing sites in Estonia, Poland and Romania. We currently sell our products in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK.