Working at JABS Group

At JABS Group, you’ll be encouraged to put your abilities to use, to grow, and to help shape your future career.

We’re a people-oriented workplace, where your work matters – to you and your JABS Group colleagues.

We care about those we do business with and want all our employees to realize their true potential. Our corporate values guide us in this important work. Learn more about our values here.

We see all our employees as experts – regardless of position – and we acknowledge and respect them as such. We promote continuous learning and self-development and foster a workplace environment that facilitates personal and professional growth.

At JABS Group, we depend on our leaders to set the right direction, to innovate and deliver consistently, and to promote employee motivation and performance. As a leader, you’ll be expected to continue growing yourself and to encourage and support growth in others – ensuring steady progress within your own areas and across the group.

When you join JABS Group, you’ll discover a world of expertise and opportunities in production, marketing, quality assurance, sales, IT finance, human resources and other fields.

We are 800 strong today, and we hope you’ll consider being the next JABS expert.

We are a Great Place To Work

At JABS Group, we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. We believe that creating a great work environment and fostering a vibrant company culture are essential for both our individual and collective success. That is why we eagerly participate in the annual Great Place to Work survey.

This year, we are thrilled to share that we have received an impressive Trust Index Score of 81%. This is a testament to our ongoing commitment to fostering a positive workplace where our employees thrive and feel valued and supported.

As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to building on our strengths and continuously improving to ensure that JABS Group becomes an even greater workplace in the future.

Meet our experts

Meet one of our experts

Meet Sonja, our Marketing Coordinator

"I look forward to helping grow our current markets as well as entering new markets, with new languages and cultures."

Meet our experts

Meet some of our experts

Every colleague is an expert and is acknowledged and respected as such. JABS Group would not be JABS Groups without its experts.

Meet some of our experts below.

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