Our core values

We are a values-driven company with four core values governing everything we do.

Core values


We genuinely care about those we do business with. This principle is at the core of our direct-to-consumer business model, the way we design, manufacture, and sell our products, and the mindset we bring to engaging with customers before, during and after the sale. 

We see no greater validation of the care we take than the top scores we receive from customers on business rating platforms. 

Core values


As producers of made-to-measure products, we are in the mass customization business - a very advanced and difficult form of manufacturing. Our direct-to-consumer sales model also places great demands on our ability to innovate and deliver consistently.

This is why every colleague – regardless of position – is an expert and is acknowledged and respected as such. We are all mission critical.

Core values


You don’t build a company on a breakthrough business model without having courage. But it takes even more courage to keep and extend a competitive edge and to conquer new markets. 

We allow ourselves to think creatively and to share our ideas, even if they might not be popular. We don’t avoid the difficult subjects but embrace them as opportunities to learn and improve. And we welcome both the positive and the less positive feedback – especially from our customers, who show us the way forward. 

Core values


Our customers are our greatest source of knowledge and the key to our success, and we treat them with utmost respect. The same applies to the experts we are fortunate enough to call our colleagues, and to all other JABS Group stakeholders.

We respect the communities where we do business and society at large, showing this respect through our insistence on responsible business and care for the environment.

Overall, I think that JABS Group is a good workplace. I believe that this is easilly expressed through our core values (...) As an employee at JABS Group, you can be yourself in any given situation, and there is always room for fun and laughter during the workday."

Daniel - Finance (Denmark)