Meet Maarja - Health & Safety Officer (Estonia)

I'm proud of my job, and of our factory, as I've seen the tremendous growth we've achieved throughout the years.

Maarja Mihkelstein

Health & Safety Officer
Workplace: JABS Jõesuu, Estonia
Seniority: 11 years

What do you do at JABS Group?

I am the Health and Safety Specialist. My goal is to make every effort possible to ensure a safe work environment and to maintain the health of our employees.

What is it like working at the JABS Jõesuu factory?

I really like working here. At JABS Group, there are no cutbacks made in health and safety. Our employees are solution-oriented and helpful which makes my job even more enjoyable.

There are opportunities to develop within the company, and I am one of the many examples of that. I started at JABS group as a Finisher in the Repair Department, and since 2016 I have been the H&S Specialist.

I am proud of my job and of our factory as I have seen the tremendous growth we have achieved throughout the years.

Our more than 800 employees are spread across corporate HQ in Denmark and our manufacturing sites in Estonia, Poland and Romania. We currently sell our products in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK.